9 Important Tips Every First-Timer in the Maldives Should Know

Where’s my Visa?

The Maldives loves to host people and just like its Neighbor India, it welcomes you with open arms (maybe preferring Namaste after the pandemic). All you need is a valid passport, confirmed bookings and return tickets.

How will I travel?

The country is 99% ocean and 1% land. So speed boat and seaplane are the only modes of transport here. You can also swim (we would love to see you try), Speed boat is the better cheaper option for covering short distances. Where seaplane is for long distances and it has a big price tag to it, but then of course it’s a freaking seaplane. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

Should I Go to Male?

Say Hello to the 2nd most congested country in the world, Male, the capital of Maldives. Yes! There are more people congested in Male Streets, than India’s state transport buses. However, the city encompasses a wide variety of local, street & fancy restaurants, accompanied by small flea markets and lavish stores, Male welcomes everyone with open (But relatively Congested) arms.

Where to Stay?

What do you have to spend? Worth a Rolex, a Royce or just a ring? From local islands to luxurious five-star resorts, the Maldives offers you extreme pleasure through the different formats of stays, all depending on your budget. Since you are visiting an ‘Oceanic Heaven’, it’s suggested to get that an island villa filled with cinematic vibes. After all, “Sea Villa, nahi liya, to Maldives me kya hi kiya?”

The Maldives in my Budget

With a ₹7.5k to ₹12k per day budget, the luxurious resorts can offer you great natural serenity, interactive & entertaining activates and whatnot. Find a resort close to the airport and you may save a penny or two on transit costs. Want to save more, go for an all-inclusive package (breakfast, lunch, dinner included) rather than the half board.
For ₹3k to ₹6k a Day, you can find a decent place on local islands, which is just as beautiful as resorts. But, you may have nothing to do after sundown. (Only good for Early Sleepers). So it’s better to spread your heart a little more and hit the 5-Star resorts.

The DOs and DOs

No, you shouldn’t spend all your time in Maldives soaking beaches and doing water sports. Take a detour and go for island excursion trips, fishing trips, and enjoy cultural performances. People staying at resorts won’t have to worry a dime. The resort’s offer complete entertainment packages which include activities like shark feeding, manta rays watching, belly dance shows, and much more. (All you have to be is punctual. Being Indians, we understand that may be hard.)

Help Preserve the Marine Ecology

Beneath those picturesque white sand beaches, you will see the true impact of human deeds (Global Warming & Climate Change). With tourism and rising water levels, marine & coral life is receiving collateral damage. Make sure to save some money and some time. Take part in or donate something to local Marine Protection Charity Drives. The guys are working hard to save and preserve marine beauty for you and your future generations’ dream vacations.

What to & what not to Wear?

The Maldives is a Muslim nation. It’s better you respect the local religious norms. At resorts, you can fulfil your dreams to wear swimsuits and bikinis while you lay down on white sandy beaches. However, things may be different when you visit local islands. (Don’t worry! You will not need to wear a Hijaab). Swimsuits and bikinis are a big ‘NO’. It’s best suggested to wear full-length pants. Else, if you feeling too sexy, you better kick the local islands, off your list.

How is the food?

With no land to plant, local food is mostly about fish and coconuts (and sand). Everything else is imported from Sri Lanka or India (No, you should not smuggle your Gujrati Theplas, all the way to the Maldives). While Alcohol is easily served at resort islands, don’t go looking for it on local ones. At resorts, it’s about continental cuisines. Wanna enjoy local delicacies, visit a local island. Since we are close neighbours, you will find a hint of Indian influence in every dish.



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