Best Water Sports For Non-Swimmers In The Maldives – The Last One Will Surprise You

Your friend’s Instagram stories makes you doubt of blue lagoons between white sandy beaches, you may have always thought. “What would a swim-virgin like me, would ever do in a water-ly heaven like that?”
But worry not! Here’s the list of the best water sports for non-swimmers. (And, NO! Sipping Coconut Water in a Hammock is not on the list).


Many non-swimmers are afraid of this high-speed ride. But there’s nothing to worry about. Before you hop on your jet-ski, you will be given a short training session. Plus, with a life jacket on, you won’t drown even in the worst-case scenario.
Trust us! Once you get the taste of it, you are not stopping with only one ride.


Parasailing gives you wings. Why would you need fins? The sports centre guys don’t even ask you about your swimming skills for paragliding.
While you will be watching beautiful turquoise water, surrounded by the white snowy sand. (And of course, your fellow vacationers, who are lying half-naked on their beach chairs), drowning will be the last thing you’d be worrying about.


Kayaking needs strong arms and not strong swimming skills. Rowing that small boat, all alone, does require more strength than you think.
While sitting on the small boat, pushing yourself slowly in the mystical blue lagoons, you will only be wondering about why in the world you have never tried that before.


A lesser-known water sport, where you explore the surface of the sea or the beautiful marine ecosystem beneath. It’s done with a fish-shaped scooter with speed control knob on its handle.
For non-swimmers, it might be a great way to fulfil their dream of swimming in the clear, picturesque blue water of the lagoons of Maldives.

Water Tube

A modernized version of banana boating and a lazier version for jet-skiing, combined. A round-shaped floating rubber tube, tied to a high-speed jet ski. Just hold some straps and save yourself from falling off. Once the waves start hitting, you will be jump to the beats of the ocean.

How Much Water Sports Cost in The Maldives?

You may get individual as well as multiple activity packages. You can even get customised packages, (If your host is not a Capitalist). The bundled package of all five activities may cost somewhere between Rs 22k to Rs.30k.
But whatever the price, the experience is invaluable.



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