Everything about finding your stay in resorts in the Maldives

From long picturesque stretches of white sandy beaches, accompanied by stunning blue lagoons and underwater paradises, Maldives is just like they used to show in the millennial Bollywood songs, where Salman Khan is dancing with leaves wrapped around his waist.
With hundreds of local islands and 5-star resorts, you are investing every dime for your dream. But since you are a millennial (95% chances), you know, dreams don’t come to reality without proper planning. So, here’s your key to crack the best stay at a resort in the Maldives.
You will find mostly two kinds of stays in the Maldives. A 5-Star resort or a Local Island. In this blog, you will learn about finding the best 5-Star resort for yourselves.

Resort Transfer From The Airport:

Before choosing your resort for your golden night (What? Not going there for a honeymoon? Eh!), you must understand the methods of transit.
What’s astonishing to know is that the resorts of the Maldives and the Velana International Airport of Maldives, are not on the same island. The airport is located on a separate island altogether, dedicated only to an airport. Surprise, Maldives is 99% water & 1% land. It’s like most Indian streets in monsoon. But more beautiful.
You have majorly three ways to reach your resort from the airport:
Domestic Flights,
Seaplanes Or
(Well, four, if you count swimming through the blue ocean, with your luggage tied over your back.)
The method of transport depends on your budget and the distance of your resort.

Maldives Resorts Transfer By Speedboat:

A common and economical way of reaching your resort. However, it’s only for resorts in close vicinity of the airport. The ride usually takes 20 to 45 minutes but the scenic beauty along the way will make you want to stop the time.

Maldives Resorts Transfer By Domestic Airlines:

Planes are for far-located resorts. And domestic airlines are cheaper than private seaplanes. The time and the pricing of your tickets vary with the distance of your destination.

Free Tips for Staying In A Resort:

  • Always go for the all-inclusive packages. They include three meals a day with unlimited beverages.
  • After you’ve filled your heart enough with the white sand and blue water on beaches, go for local island excursions, fishing trips, water sports, cultural events and more.
  • Never miss the activities organized by your resorts, including Shark Feeding, Manta Rays feeding, court games and more.

Something Un-Expect to Expect at A Maldives Resort

Long Check-in And Check-out Times –

The place is a bucket-list item of 95% of Indians &other 3rd world nations. Be patient and enjoy your complimentary drinks, until you are asked on the desk.

Delayed Luggage Transfer –

Likewise! Luggage transit may take time. Have patience. Your luggage may join you shortly in 15 to 30 minutes.

Getting Around The Resort –

Either hire a bicycle or be ready to hop on a golf buddy. The distance between your villa and the reception lobby or restaurant may be a bit far than expected.

Final Words:

The Maldives is once in a lifetime experience and it’s a shame if you try to compromise your dream vacation over a compressed budget. Make sure you are always running with a 20% plus margin so that there is not even a single thing that you can miss or regret afterwards.
The resorts in the Maldives offer one of the best services and most exquisite experiences than anywhere in the world. Here are some of our bottom-liner choices for your next trip:

Best Resorts Accessible By Speedboat:

  • Paradise Island Resort and Spa
  • Four Season Maldives at Kuda Huraa
  • Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives
  • Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort
  • Taj Exotica Resort and Spa


Best Resorts Accessible By Seaplane:

  • Cheval Blanc Randheli
  • Como Maalifushi
  • Kandolhu Island
  • St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort
  • Six Senses Resort Laamu

Reference Links: https://thesaneadventurer.com/maldives-resorts/


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