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“We belong to a Tribe of Travelers,” says our founders, Siddharth Rathore and Anand Singh. But as the content expert in this house, I’d just say that they actually belong to a ‘Band of Backpackers’. And if you are looking at this webpage, you are definitely a part of this community as well.
Hope you are aware of this community’s rules.

We travel to weave stories

In the common areas of hostels and ecolodges, in the homestays belonging to local community along the bank of a river, on our personal battles climbing up the angular mountains and slopes, around the bonfire in a dessert under a starry night, stories written, stories shared, stories everywhere.

We push each other beyond our limits for adventure and thrill

Because who says no to fun?

Anyway, we decided we will start this platform to promote the second rule and fan this fire a bit.
No one should stop at one crazy idea when they can have a checklist of crazy ideas.
Bike Trip, check.
Sky-diving, check
Cycling, check
Trekking, check
Farming, unexpected, but check.
Photography trip, my Instagram would grow, double check.

As careless as we may sound, we actually do worry about your safety. Nothing feels better than kicking the gravity and saying ‘Not Today’, right? We make sure that you are safe and sound while you’re going all whaky due to an adrenaline rush.

How do you ask? The gears are top notch, the instructors are experienced, and covid precautions are no joke to us. Take this under full confidence, because we are rarely so serious about things.

So that was all about us, join us on an adventure soon, and maybe we’ll get to know you too? See ya!

About us

BackpackerXP is a platform for thrill-seekers who are constantly looking for ways to push their boundaries. We are breaking down the travel barriers for those intrepid travellers who are looking for life-transforming experiences. Immerse intimately into the wildest regions and wander far off the beaten paths, through the mountains, grasslands, forests, and local settlements. 


Our research team works hard to bring unique expeditions that will challenge your tolerance for uncertainties. We work closely with the travel ecosystem to bring together licensed adventure guides who can enforce safety regulations while using quality gears, and find secluded ecolodges that comply with ecotourism and sustainability regulations. 


If you are looking for an out of this world experience, why wait to do the obvious? Embrace the unforeseen, swing your backpacks and hop on an adventure that will thrill your hippy backpacker’s soul.

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